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Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
. the opposition the stabilizing the digits into the elected leadership will write about what's going on doesn't live up to revelation but a well planned action. i think they will pay for the presidential elections in spring twenty fifteen will have to start early. we can see well pad in all the noise minutes and greets. the opposition is either not always in control of what's going on. or is this an express route to goal extremist actions with me next but i seldom occurs suspect a little early he says the opposition come very quickly from them on the eu trade deal to fight to overthrow the government it's quite clear now that will be what is being an auntie is the threat the government via the spread of the democratically elected the kids in the gulf and a decision the government made a decision about the things that they would not get to go ahead and to take the hint when you feed you. now that was the intelligent due to the people didn't and don't agree that that stupid. then the one to deal with at least a campaign even in an election. does any of the fourteen months ago and for adulthood
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
and prosperity and elected representatives of the ukrainian people made their choice deciding against giving the government in no confidence slapped down for the defeated opposition it was back to the streets if the democratic process will force the government out that the protesters today everywhere. like eating official buildings are likely keep the protest. one in the west calls of encouragement. the supporters of euro integration must remain for and seize the momentum of the protest this is the only way to continue to cook to make concessions. while labour in particular seems to be paying especially close attention to events in ukraine the european union needs you and you need the european union. and if you need it you will be with your husband has always regarded ukraine has since backed down to it as i would say neo imperialist designs on ukraine with some polish may be hoping for is a repeat of the events of two thousand for the country stood still for a month in support of the western backed the condition fact that things have changed over the years. the orange revolution works becau
Dec 5, 2013 10:30am PST
institutions comments and eighty election is held is really getting to reports the nature of the price has been shifting hillary to ukraine. hillary to the theory is the official slogan of the hardline nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and it can't hurt among the crowds and tube these days. here's just a couple of the protesting students mr next time people fall under the national assembly the party and the men inspired by the actions at the ui is wartime delicious we took a machine guns and fought the russians the germans and the built to quote wanted to take away our ukrainian land. this is that the kaczynski and other party activists. the radical nationalist movement. we need school. to maintain an organization not cause conte exist without evil. protest is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action team over the weekend then it was then held her next sentence. this book is in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards her rather than moscow we played for the european union until the end and even if they bring out tanks. we read unocal w
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
institutions and that's an early elections now. listening to much to report next. make sure the protests. he shifted the jewelry to ukraine hillary to the theories is the official slogan of the hardline nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and it sounds heard among the crowds and tube these days. here's just a couple of these protesters to the dentist. mr next time people founder of the national assembly the party and the men inspired by the actions that the ui is wartime delicious we took a machine guns and fought the russians the germans and that you lose gold souk wanted to take away our ukrainian land. this is that the kaczynski and other party activist radical nationalists but scout movement. we need school. to maintain an organization not cause conte exist without wool. protest is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action team over the weekend. both men represent the ultra nationalist sentiment is popped it in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards europe rather than moscow. make it look like the european union until the end. eve
Dec 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
the japanese government bonds an immediate election now. that puppy off the set up a position called for nationwide general strike and they continue to surround them to update the governmental the pop and soul our ministry to buildings day in the center of tea after that bought the ukrainian security service to say that investigates an awful they are courting an attempt to seize power in the country and is also much on sunday thathe use of foreign policy representative catherine ashton is set to be sixty s later this week to try a doubt find a political solution to the crisis on the home and really has been voiced by support from european officials as my colleague every negative stuff about reports i love the image racing and staff on the streets. but for some reason teens independence square has captured the minds of politicians from him and he was seated there the opposition leaders. to speak for the crowds. and yet oew seem to hav made the pasta cured fm both sides from the country runners and their supporters there was a statistic retrieve states we stand with the people of ukrai
Dec 3, 2013 10:30am PST
and great saves by the uk border agency. this election. it's after the rush to enjoy new venue with a friend or family saloon before the office parking lot i can rest in the know what's going on and on the one kind of style when asked if he was accosted us and they don't know what's happening. in or near the tipping cushioned by the scholars who may know i can buy them so the uk border agency in states that any immigration sexy carries out looking for a needle black kids were always intended since that's the difference is obvious the mystery say they need the procedure is one fine day during the raids in fact some of the intended result in any address more than that. but the frequency of heart is heavy handedness of the immigration officials see you on the side and the chain rule of the business has been shot down in protest against what they set with discrimination from the uk border agency since this is genuine frustration anger and the little note to self funder. the level of a discontent you like. it was effective. in the number of people who sought to exclude to close the distance to su
Dec 5, 2013 8:00pm PST
apatow court on just down the road we're on a handful of elected activists on comprehensive what you got canteen against a bunch of anti censorship websites also on in retaliation for the soul kind of step with that broke out after which the greeks began releasing all sorts of confidential information back in twenty ten so that does happen and then he'll break now. that's happening right now that i start earlier and earlier this month i believe around a week ago on our fellow was sentenced to two years' probation and ordered to pay hundred and eighty three thousand dollars fine and thirty three thousand dollars restitution to koch industries show that the corporation run by the insurance co for taking down one of their websites momentarily within the top fifty years ago. now the challenge when greenwald who is the journalist that was working with veterans and all those ns family and is reportedly working with the founder of e bay which is the parent company of paypal on a new media venture beyond so i went every couple of weeks. that's me i didn't encounter wrote his name is pierre own m
Dec 9, 2013 10:30am PST
thousand and four will remember we were told that the elections that's not special forces he would take it week after that. they want. nothing happened so it was a propaganda war cycle that will take place using these wounds all the custody order for us whilst same time very blessed to have a stack of customs. if you choose. or the evidence over and enforcement uses it to the opposition provide technical training camps replacing the financial bubble forms of assistance avoiding the media platform for himself. ukraine's crash has had changed from being heard easy interest rate risk and are now minus the anti government. they remain the focus of attention for european politicians and not the home and told his boss hearing many of them to independence square. will we see a range of cruises coming here the festival of the dumb pharmacist coffee was annihilated in the recent german middle schoolers seats she's beautiful. that is the use of. while but hopefully he can tell it to the pool. coming because it gives them a sense of self importance but also a common cause the question cost include
Dec 4, 2013 7:30am PST
looking back from that moment what has been working with the government to you the ppp direct election private partnership regulations which would enable the government and private sector couple told her what she got a call to invest in infrastructure that the infrastructure. ict at the bb as a director and close ally make an instant and domestic and foreign business community. amy team to beat the conditions to develop the private sectors and facilitate investment in time the noun they thus far and the cia have prevented many recommendations of the policy makers have the garden section effective banking arm of the art infrastructure education among out that the idf will be folded in half and conceded at the upcoming ad vietnam development partnerships fund which will be called if there's a telling me how talking on her face. if you commemorate the anniversary of the atv nothing of the non banking market union bill to place it in the national historical site and into the city burning province more than three hundred people attended the dance. the event was marked by the unveiling of t
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
degree from celebrate the legacy of money he was elected. the first take the role of december to fifteen skies expected to be buried in a private family cemeteries company in accordance with his wishes look they just raise my endeavors and his robot time the giants of justice to the most loving tribute cd to come from united kingdom when laura smith. the south african embassy in the topic buildings all around to face the facts the flying hoff mosques to mark the death of nelson mandela. halt the mini and south africans living in this country and some of them accompanied to the nbc today alex and kate should be its teeth and coughing up my data and cooked to beat the flooding in from elsewhere see the royal family prince when he and friend tom holt as coles had an extraordinary and inspiring man. the queen has taken the snow to be talking of the great wall she feels when she thinks of months out of saying he weds time to think that his country and that these legacy is the peaceful south africa that we see today. i'm too difficult to beat the flooding in from pool a of the twelve lead in t
Dec 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
despite that results a delegation of skilled park schools for snap election his deed. buddha will grow in him and make that choice for a country with his. in freedom. these are the new rule will never know when to call for a minute. every democratic country. every time. it's my job or was it about time for that. well the opposition continued at the age of sets and government buildings despite the tight deadline set by the government considered to be outside buildings is living option expires on tuesday amid allegations of support for the opposition comes despite pleas from brains prime minister outside interference is still well as the protests they look set to continue into the evening k behind me with allies now on sunday when organizes type that up to one million people from all of the ukraine could descend on the council though their us a german mep one european politicians the colors in up to ukraine's opposition now. it's not the game instead of crying. i forgot there's just so would their sunday there etf if the protesters. i log on and he wants that the us assessment team and t
Dec 8, 2013 7:30am PST
every election. what began as a pro eu which descended into and out and out attack on the efficient use of buzzwords of democracy justice and love of the people were interspersed with the old school phone calls from president chc!vez wants to admit he's been beaten clearer more so this is something that should be unacceptable widely seen as a clear breach of the many contexts. it also raised prices in moscow tomorrow. i can imagine how large a man talking as if phelps is russia's foreign minister decided to attend a rally that was being held the case generally hostile. i don't think they would consider it a friendly state works meeting with opposition and this is one thing you have taken part in rallies. that's interference in domestic affair. in the early week the government survived a no confidence vote in ukrainian parliament. defeated by the great process opposition teams went home to block the stage installing parliament outside protest leaders called on people to take over as many civic offices as possible. but to live in a debate the pros and cons of the eu friendship has desc
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)